See Adam Sandler's Latest Exercise in Self-Indulgence with the 'Blended' Trailer

December 18, 2013


Rounding out Adam Sandler's Watch Me Kiss Drew Barrymore and Watch Me Go on a Lovely Vacation trilogies at once, here's the trailer for Blended.

In the film, Sandler gets horribly overpaid to play a single dad raising a trio of Playmobil-haired tomboys. In trying to find his girls the inordinately attractive wife all Sandler children deserve, he goes on a date with single mother of two Drew Barrymore. That goes quite poorly (humorously!), but instead of that being the end of it, somehow the two end up separately buying halves of a pre-purchased vacation, thus sending (and BLENDING) both families on a joint African safari. Knowing as you do how irresistable Adam Sandler looks relaxing in loose athletic gear and a baseball cap, you can guess where this is going.

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