'Tracks' Trailer: Alice in Extremely Dry Lands

December 2, 2013


Though Alice in Wonderland 2 won't be hitting theaters until mid-2016, it looks like you won't have to wait quite that long for the next entry in Mia Wasikoska's fantastical travelogue series. Based on true and documented experiences, Tracks stars Wasikowska as Robyn Davidson, the Australian writer who in 1977 set out with a dog and four camels on a 1,700-mile journey to cross her native land's harsh western deserts. Adam Driver co-stars as the National Geographic photographer who scheduled meetings with Davidson to record her travels and catch her up on Girls by forming an on-and-off sexual relationship.

Here's the trailer. Watch carefully to confirm this is the second film this year where Wasikowska shoots a rifle at you.

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