'300: Rise of an Empire' Trailer: The Journey of Postmodern Sandal Epics

January 21, 2014


If 300 was the divisive band whose 2006 debut album, for better or worse, practically invented its own violent, herky-jerky sub-genre, then it only makes sense how 300: Rise of an Empire now catches us up with that band nearly a decade later.

They long ago lost their lead--and most of the other key members--but the recognizably-pierced dude, the emotional female backup, and some new people are somehow keeping the group together under the same name. They're still out there playing the old hits, like Very Slow (Then Fast), Blood Splatter, My World is Blue and Tan, and [Homo]Erotica. Of course, they've also added a few new songs for the new lineup (Dipped in Gold is definitely their best chance at a hit), yet it all blends together seamlessly. But, while they're all looking great out there, it's all starting to feel extremely dated.

Some fans are definitely going to enjoy seeing them out there on the stage again, still distinct among muddy knock-off acts like Immortals and The Legend of Hercules. But for many others, these now horribly-dated tunes will likely mark a time to reexamine the violent, juvenile tastes of their youth. Hopefully no one permanently inked the This Is Sparta lyrics on their thigh.

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