Annette Bening Loses Ed Harris, Finds Replacement Ed Harris, in 'Face of Love' Trailer

January 17, 2014


Here's the trailer for The Face of Love, a film about losing a love, giving up on love, and only then finding a new love again. What makes its story so creepily-unique is that the word "love" can be freely interchanged with the words "Ed Harris."

The psychodrama sees Bening playing a woman widowed by the late Ed Harris, and, in her sadness, reduced to feeding pâté and exposition to Robin Williams over wine. She will never love anyone like she loved Ed Harris. She was that into Ed Harris. She called Pollock "a life-changer." She called him the best part of Apollo 13. She even liked him in Radio. So you can imagine how thrilled she is when, one day at the museum: another Ed Harris! The makeup department didn't even give him a wig or a mole or anything. It's just Ed Harris again.

Having hit the Ed Harris lottery, she collects her prize of a second Ed Harris, but she soon finds that having a doppelhärris isn't quite the same as getting back her husband, Ed Harris. For one thing, this guy's name is Tom. For another, he says things like, "I could take a bath in how you look at me," so that's pretty gross. Also, who even knows if this guy's seen Pollock? It's life-changing.


Don't worry, Annette Bening. Harris always finds a way.

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