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January 24, 2014


There were so many television pilot orders, series orders, and cancelations today. Here are most-to-all of them.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill are officially not the only ones with a hip hop series in development. Fox has reportedly picked up Empire, a "Jay Z story"-like family drama series from Lee Daniels and Lee Daniels' Lee Daniels' The Butler writer Danny Strong.

Fox also reportedly ordered four comedies to series or pilot. They are: Weird Loners, a sitcom about four relationship-phobic people thrown together in a Queens townhouse. With Kevin James, one would hope. Sober Companion takes a new spin on the odd couple genre, pairing a self-destructive but charismatic attorney with an unconventional, court-appointed sponsor. Dead Boss, based on a UK series, sees a woman wronfully-imprisoned for murdering her superior. Here's Your Damn Family has Malcolm in the Middle's Jane Kaczmarek attached to star as a single mom putting up with the 30-year-old son still living with her. This will probably not be her Breaking Bad.

NBC, meanwhile, has ordered a pilot for the single-camera comedy The Pro. Free of his Parks and Recreation smiling duties, Rob Lowe will reportedly star as a former tennis pro who reunites with his former partner at a country club.

Bad news for Family Tree and Hello Ladies. HBO has canceled the series after their wholly underwhelming first seasons. We can all go back to pretending Christopher Guest and Stephen Merchant quit on top after making game-changing mockumentaries.

ABC has reportedly picked up a few pilots, too. Forever centers on New York City's most experienced medical examiner. (Note: he is most experienced because HE IS IMMORTAL.) Based on a Scandinavian show, Exposed follows "an investigative journalist who will stop at nothing to uncover the truth -- including making questionable alliances." And those are the most thrilling kind of alliances! Thirdly, The Visitors is based on the Ray Bradbury short story Zero Hour, and it involves children being manipulated by aliens to gain control of Earth. Kids! Gotta love 'em.

Following the breakout success of Ride Along, ABC also reportedly added a Kevin Hart pilot to be based on his life and standup, teaching the comedian that there's no skipping steps in this business. You may be a movie star now, Hart, but that doesn't mean you just get to avoid the requisite tepid, semi-autobiographical, multi-camera sitcom.

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