Chris Pine and David Gordon Green Doing a Thriller

January 29, 2014


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit failed to make Chris Pine a household thriller agent with enemies on all sides, but the actor still isn't giving up on the idea. He's got to do something between his space trips. So what he'll do is The Line, a "gritty action thriller" written by The Walking Dead writer-producer Sang Kyu Kim. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Pine is attached to play a patrol agent whose life is falling apart after the loss of his wife and child. After a shootout with a cartel, he ends up on the run with a ten-year-old orphaned from the confrontation, and he soon learns "he has enemies on both sides of the law and the border." That is so many enemies.

Pineapple Express and Your Highness director David Gordon Green will be directing. After all those years getting high with the Apatow kids, he's apparently now ready to settle down, grow up, and foster some kids by proxy of Chris Pine and and Nicolas Cage.

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