Damon and Affleck May Reunite on the Open Sea, Where Best Friends Can't Be Judged

January 15, 2014


Harvey Weinstein, the man who first introduced us to Will Hunting and his friend with the carefully-rehearsed final monologue, is hoping to get Matt Damon and Ben Affleck back together. Though Damon and Affleck are already teaming up to produce an adaptation of DC's Sleeper, according to Page Six, Weinstein wants them back on screen together for A Speck in the Sea.

The film is based on a Paul Tough's New York Times story of the same name, an All Is Lost-esque tale of survival at sea. One of the actors would play John Al­dridge, a 45-year-old lobsterman who fell into the Atlantic while his boat was on autopilot, forcing him to use his rubber boots as floatation devices for 12 hours before he was finally rescued (spoiler). The other would play Anthony Sosinski, Aldridge's lobstering partner who was apparently asleep at the time of the incident. In other words, it's a film about treading water and lazily dozing. How sadly relatable.

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