First Look at 'The Cobbler' Confirms Adam Sandler Will Remain Unkempt in Indie Drama

January 7, 2014


Adam Sandler's latest starring vehicle, The Cobbler, is a departure in that it's being described as an indie drama and is not about Sandler going on vacation or hanging out with friends. But, rest assured, you're still getting the most prominent trapping of the actor's late-period work: he will appear generally disheveled and unaware he's a character in a major motion picture.

From EntertainmentWeekly, here's confirmation of that with a first look at Sandler in the film, which comes from The Station Agent writer-director Tom McCarthy. Adding to the familiar, Cobbler boasts a typically Sandler-level high-concept premise--Sandler plays a cobbler who can magically step into the figurative shoes of the people whose literal shoes he's repairing--and his neighboring shop owner is a barber played by Steve Buscemi. The only way this could further marry indie drama with Happy Madison's payroll is if Sandler marries Kevin James again.

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