Fox Bought Your Magic Cards Mom Threw Out

January 14, 2014


Feeling an apparent nostalgia for their awkward tenth grade year, when the cafeteria vending machine's Mountain Dew flowed like water, 20th Century Fox has given in to buying some more magic cards. Against protests from their wife, they have, in fact, won an auction for all the Magic: The Gathering cards, buying from Hasbro the rights to use the many decks in the screen project of their choosing. Their plan it to turn the game into "a massive franchise on the scale of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings," though presumably with a more complicated ruleset that makes it completely daunting and visibly saddening to the uninitiated. Simon Kinberg, recently put in charge of Fox's Marvel comics properties, is overseeing development. It's all part of the studio's overarching plan to make sure Kinberg does not get laid before graduation.

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