Fox Thriller To Explain Why We Still Don't Have Hoverboards

January 8, 2014


Ever wonder why we have smartphones and stuff but still not all the flying cars and other cool shit we were promised? Well, 20th Century Fox is going to tell you why, and in the process rationalize all the worst paranoias of crazy people, with Influx. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has preemptively bought the rights to David Suarez's upcoming novel, a sci-fi thriller that imagines there's a secret agency going around stealing away any and all possibly-disruptive new technologies as they arrive. Like a shadowy cabal of older brothers, grabbing the world's new Game Gears and breaking them before we even had the chance to play Sonic.

The book centers on Jon Grady, a particle physicist who invents a gravity reflector and, instead of acclaim, receives an unexpected visit from the organization. Talent is not yet attached to the project, but at the same time, no one's saying Nicolas Cage won't be in the sci-fi thriller about particle physicist Jon Grady.

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