'Game of Thrones' Season Four Trailer: HBO's D&D Session Continues in Exciting Form

January 13, 2014


HBO has debuted a trailer for the new season of Game of Thrones, and fans should be pleased to see it's not just some ominous shots of a deformed bird this time.

As revealed in the below preview: Joffrey is still the hugest, smuggest prick to ever have Mia Farrow hair. Jon Snow's furry shoulderpads have continued their unabated growth. Arya is doing that thing cool characters do where they find a solitary cliff and practice sweet fighting poses. Theon is strutting around like nothing even happened to make him walk funny. Those dragons have grown so big since last time they visited! Bran may also have hit his adolescent growth spurt, meaning it's about time to have a very special talk with Hodor. And everyone else is continuing in the fine Westeros tradition of glaring and saying melodramatic things. All in all, a pretty exciting tease for those of us stubbornly refusing to find out what's already happened in the books.

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