Gerard Butler Named Patrick Swayze's Replacement Bodhi

January 9, 2014


Continuing his commitment to being in surfing movies no one wants to see, Gerard Butler has reportedly started talks to join that long-gestating remake of Point Break. According to THR, the Chasing Mavericks star may return to gently scowling on a surfboard for the role of Bodhi, the extreme sporting criminal played by Patrick Swayze in Kathryn Bigelow's 1991 cult classic. Because when you're looking to replace Patrick Swayze, you at least want someone else who's played a posthumously-amorous spectre.

As previously reported, The Fast and the Furious cinematographer Ericson Core is attached to direct, furthering his legacy of re-telling the Point Break story with different actors. The lead role of FBI agent Johnny Utah, played with typically-subdued nuance by Keanu Reeves in the original, has yet to be cast. Can Katherine Heigl surf?

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