Guy Ritchie Making Like a Half Dozen King Arthur Movies

January 28, 2014


Warner Bros.' new take on the King Arthur tale was once a thing of legend, that legend being that even Colin Farrell wouldn't do it, and he did the Total Recall remake. Now, Deadline reports, the film is finally coming together for real, and in a much bigger way than previously planned. The studio has abandoned the David Dobkin script they paid $2 million for and has decided to go with a new take from the writer-director of the Awake, Joby Harold having so successfully covered the legend of Hayden Christensen staying awake during surgery and overhearing his own murder plot. This adaptation is "meant to span six films"--but, you know, could probably either stretch longer or end abruptly depending on profitability--and director Guy Ritchie is in talks to make an unspecified number of these Arthur-Lancelot flicks be just like Sherlock Holmes but with more swords.

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