'Her' Clothing of the Future Is Now

January 7, 2014


For Her's fashions of the future, director Spike Jonze and his longtime costume designer Casey Storm eschewed silver jumpsuits and Hunger Games beards for stranger, arguably more-likely looks: a return of high-waisted slacks, banded collars, and mustaches. You could say it's given the film a distinct style all its own, but that would be incorrect, because thanks to Opening Ceremony, now that style can belong to any man who wants to button his pants above his navel.

The hip clothing label has just released a full line of Her apparel for anyone who wants that Theodore Twombly look without waiting until computers gain lustful sentience. The fashions include some clothing taken directly from the film and others merely inspired by it--like a sweatshirt with a built-in safety pin on the breast pocket, allowing one to walk around showing their iPhone a world it will, at best, just get kind of bitchy about. There are also some striped sweatpants, if you need any sweatpants with large, multi-colored stripes on them. Acquire your new, futuristically-garish loungewear for just $120.

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