Here's What Those New Ninja Turtles Are Looking Like

January 29, 2014


Strange that with the Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot hitting theaters this summer, now is when Bay is for once not making a bunch of noise. There's still not even a teaser for the film, but as not even Bay has enough visual clamor to obscure the all-seeing eyes of the internet, some early looks at the new character designs have dribbled out like CGI ooze.

Last week, a Michelangelo Halloween costume hinted at the basics of the new look but, due to the limitations of the ninja turtle being stretched over the frame of a child, the proportions weren't there. Now, some actual models of the characters have turned up online, giving us a lot better idea of what we'll be seeing on screen. This:


Sure, they're hulking brutes now, and Uncle Mike definitely bought us the third generation Sewer Samurai Leonardo figure when we asked for the original, but really, not as far off the mark as they could have been. But then there's Shredder...


He could not reek any more of Michael Bay's tradition of rolling his toys around in metal shards until they're an abstruse, shiny static. In fairness, though, this guy would be pretty cool if any bands still need cover art for their Heavy Metal Samurai EP.

[imgur] (via!)

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