Johnny Depp Possibly in Talks for 'Doctor Strange' But Probably Not

January 14, 2014


With Michael Douglas yesterday signing on to play Ant-Man, expectations for who will play a superhero have broken down to the point that now we're saying Johnny Depp could play Doctor Strange. Specifically, LatinoReview is saying that, claiming Depp has taken a meeting with Marvel about the role of their Sorcerer Supreme.

There is, of course, some inherent support for that rumor. Depp loves being an eccentric with a little goatee, after all. But there's also already some strong opposition. In response to claim, Variety has contested that "such talks have yet to take place and any possibility of such a pairing [between Marvel and Depp] is premature." And perhaps more crucial to whether this is even a possibility is the fact that Marvel is notoriously thrifty with their actors, only giving Robert Downey Jr. his big paydays through bitterly-clenched teeth and contractual regret. Depp, meanwhile, has already shown he won't even take his fedora off for less than his usual $20 million. It seems unlikely they'd be able to come together on this--even with Depp's established relationship getting huge paychecks from Disney--but then, stranger things have happened. Like that time Depp was payed millions of dollars to wear a bird as a hat.

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