'Murder, She Wrote' Reboot Mysteriously Found Dead

January 22, 2014


With everyone staring at them after they made a sweet little 88-year-old woman upset, NBC has decided it might be a good idea to drop their current plans to reboot Murder, She Wrote. The new series was set to star Octavia Spencer in the lead, riding the 50 Shades of Grey glamorization of self-publishing by casting her as a hospital administrator who puts out her own mystery novel. Deadline now reports that NBC has abandoned that idea--though, in the try-try-again spirit that led the network to air a full four episodes of their Ironside reboot, they apparently aren't giving up on the idea.

It reportedly took multiple attempts before the Hawaii Five-0 reboot found the magic combination of that indistinct white guy and Scott Caan, so in that vein, NBC will scrap this and come at it from a different angle. After all, Angela Lansbury's whole problem with this thing was that they were still using the Murder, She Wrote name. That's no longer an issue with Murder, She Tweets.

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