'Paul Blart' Sequel Moving Forward (on Hilarious Segway, No Doubt)

January 7, 2014


After Paul Blart: Mall Cop ended up being an unexpected hit, becoming one of the top 20 grossers of 2009, star and co-writer Kevin James went on to try the pratfalls + pedestrian career model two more times over the following three years. But while the disproportionately-attractive love interests kept coming, audiences did not, and his UFC Teacher and Schizophrenic Park Employee debuted to decreasing box office returns.

So, the UPS man of Queens has decided to return to the film that started it all, with THR reporting he'll star and write a sequel to his anodyne counterpart to Observe & Report. Blart co-writer Nick Bakay is also back on board for the follow-up, as is producer Adam Sandler, but not original director Steve Carr. His duties have been passed on to Andy Fickman, director of such "what was that? ohhhh, that" titles as The Game Plan, You Again, and last year's Parental Guidance. Plot details likely hinge on whether Paul Blart should become a crossing guard or if that should be its own series where Kevin James has a different funny name.

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