Prepare to Receive Another 'Nut Job'

January 23, 2014


With The Nut Job opening to woeful reviews and a 3rd place box office behind the weeks-old Lone Survivor, those aware of the animated film probably didn't see it setting any records. But, hey, what do you know: turns out its $19 million opening did more than make Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit look like a dumb. It apparently marked "the biggest independent animated film opening of all time," and with the film only costing $42 million to make, the studios behind the sort-of-hit are prepping a sequel. In the hopes of replicating the success, The Nut Job 2 also will be tossed into the January off season; it's scheduled for January 15, 2016. Maybe the next one could be about how squirrels also sometimes steal birdseed.

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