Robert Zemeckis Wants To Re-Do 'Man on Wire' as Joseph Gordon-Levitt 3D Adventure

January 23, 2014


After a brief departure with Flight, Robert Zemeckis is back to his habit of adding artificiality and dimensions to perfectly good old stories. His latest idea: retelling the tale of the Academy Award-winning, 2008 documentary Man on Wire as a big, live-action 3D spectacle of highwires and balance poles coming RIGHT OUT OF THE SCREEN.

According to Deadline, Zemeckis is hoping to get Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Philippe Petit, the tightrope artist who, as seen in Man on Wire, successfully executed a covert 1974 wire-walk back and forth between the World Trade Center towers. Whether or not Gordon-Levitt has the interest or time, the plan is to get him or another actor delicately walking across a green screen asap; the production is already pushing for a quick start in late spring or early summer. Wouldn't want to wait too long and miss out on all the buzz surrounding the hot trend of funambulism.

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