Tarantino's Next Has a Title and Some Likely Stars

January 13, 2014


Quentin Tarantino's reportedly has a title and, it would seem, an even greater than usual level of unabashed directness in what it's pastiching. According to Deadline, the director's next, already admitted to be a Western, will be called The Hateful Eight--and apparent nod to 1960's The Magnificent Seven, Tarantino confident he can once again take a genre classic and, in every way, add more. What's more, he's apparently already getting into the casting of it with his eye on a couple actors. The first: Christoph Waltz, his award-winning Inglourious Basters and Django Unchained supporting actor who Tarantino is growing to love almost as much as his Samuel L. Jackson. The second: Bruce Dern, the acclaimed Nebraska star who also shouldn't come as too much of a casting shock. Tarantino already tried to launch his own mini Dern comeback by casting him in Django Unchained, and late last year, he introduced AFI's Dern tribute by calling him "an acting national treasure." Let's just hope scheduling won't conflict with Nebraska II.

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