The Dark Knight Uplifts: Finally, Nolan's Batman Trilogy as a Feel-Good Indie Dramedy

January 22, 2014


Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy painted such a mirthless portrait of Gotham that the idea of it ever being called "feel-good" feels as dissonant as Katie Holmes's presence. All the more impressive then that OneMinuteGalactica has managed to string together enough of the series' pensive gazes and rare smirks into a trailer for what is, undoubtedly, the most uplifting Batman film buzzing at Sundance. It's titled "Bruce, Who Lives at Home" and while its inspiration apparently came from the Apatow catalogue, it really comes across more like Cameron Crowe made We Bought a Batcave or Growl Everything. Have a look below and delight in this charming tale of a spoiled, bored escapist finally learning to grow up.

Good, but still not quite up to the impossibly-high standards of ABC Family.

(Thanks, Julianna)

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