This Time Adam Scott Recreated the 'Bosom Buddies' Intro

January 24, 2014


As Adam Scott has already made clear across three specials, when he says he's making "The Greatest Event in Television History," he means it--even if he also means he's making "a shockingly-faithful shot-for-shot recreation of a largely-forgotten '80s TV intro." Last night brought his fourth installment of televised greatness, and it may well be his greatest Greatest Event since the Simon & Simon original. With Paul Rudd, Gillian Jacobs, Aidy Bryant, Billy Joel, and others, he's remade the Bosom Buddies opening, an intro matched in overly-elaborate setups only by the show's cross-dressing conceit itself.

Have a look below. Assuming you like greatest things, that is.

If you want to skip the buildup (not recommended), skip to 9:18.

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