Tommy Wiseau's Point of Origin Finally Figured Out

January 20, 2014


Greg "Mark" Sestero's recent book, The Disaster Artist, provided for the first time a look behind the scenes at perhaps the most fascinatingly-awful film ever made, The Room. But even more compelling than that, it provided some real insight into the enigmatic, fucking bizarre man behind the film, it's ashen, witch-haired writer-director-producer-star, Tommy Wiseau.

Still, even as Wiseau's only friend, Sestero was never quite able put together a complete picture of the man--even as Wiseau was bearing himself naked for so many a pallid, unnecessarily-long sex scene. Tommy's bottomless fortune remains, in the book's words, "the elephant in The Room." And though there are many chapters devoted to the tale of Tommy's immigration, somehow Wiseau has managed to keep his exact nation/planet of origin a secret. That is, it seems, until now.

Referring to The Disaster Artist for clues, a reddit user named ohbaimark has managed to piece together an origin story that makes sense and resolves the longstanding mystery. Turns out, Wiseau is probably from Poland.

You can read the full explanation here (via!), but basically, some obituary searches for some relatives named in the book connect Wiseau to a Polish family named Wieczor--likely his birth surname. And with it already being established that he's a Catholic from the Eastern Bloc who later moved to Berlin, it's at least as easy to accept that theory as it is to swallow anything else about Tommy Wiseau.

Now if only someone could figure out what happened with that breast cancer sub-plot.

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