'Walk of Shame' Trailer: Elizabeth Banks's 'Homeward Bound' Is Here

January 17, 2014


If you've ever hoped the tertiary cast of 30 Rock would for some reason make a light and breezy version of Scorsese's After Hours, you are strangely in luck. In Walk of Shame, newscaster Elizabeth Banks gets dragged out for a night with the girls and ends up going home with James Marsden. After a passionate night in which they seemingly lose their minds (knife-play and eating pizza like Lady and the Tramp is involved), she sneaks out after realizing she needs to get back to her station for a big audition with the network. With her car towed, that means a wacky adventure by foot, and because Marsden is apparently the gentrifying vanguard of the shittiest neighborhood, that also means constant run-ins with prostitutes, thugs, police, and impound lots. But such are the punishments a woman must endure for being so free with her body. Here's the trailer:

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