Watch Emma Roberts Work a Glory Hole in the 'Adult World' Trailer

January 17, 2014


Adult World takes place in a fictional world where sleazy little porn shops are run by the young, attractive college kids normally seen flirting with each other behind the counter at a coffee shop. It is also a world where middle-aged professors do not accept the sexual advances of lustful coeds. Otherwise, though, this thing seems to take place in the familiar indie coming-of-age universe we all so long ago came of age in. Emma Roberts stars as a student enamored with already-successful poet John Cusack. To fund her dreams of becoming a poet herself, she starts working at an adult store run by Cloris Leachman and real-life fiancé Evan Peters. Through that combination of things, events will occur and age will be come of, and the title's double-meaning will take its spot in the bright glow of Emma Roberts' mouthwash commercial-quality teeth. Here's the trailer:

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