Amanda Seyfried Joins 'Ted 2' as New Female Who Will Put Up with This

February 24, 2014


Like the endless cycle of a "12 Sexy Stars and the Dolls That They Look Like" slideshow, Amanda Seyfried is replacing Mila Kunis on the screen for Ted 2. According to Deadline, Kunis "will only appear in a tiny role, if at all, in the sequel," this due to "a creative decision that MacFarlane decided to take with the plotting." Seyfried will reportedly take over as the new only female character with substantial dialogue, though her exact role isn't yet described. For those worried that this switch could potentially dilute if not contradict the emotional impact and ending of the original Ted, bear in mind that this film comes from a guy who dramatically killed a dog just to casually bring it back within a month.

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