'Anchorman 2' Returning to Theaters with R Rating and 763 New Jokes

February 21, 2014


If you thought Anchorman: The Legend Continues was already wildly inconsistent, wait until you see the peaks and troughs in Ron Burgundy's latest broadcast.

Like the returning ghost of Stonewall Jackson, the Anchorman sequel is coming back in an unexpected form far stranger than what you remember. On February 28th, Paramount is dropping the film back in theaters with all new--or at least 763 new--jokes, replacing and adding to the old ones.

The original Anchorman's outtakes birthed the DVD bonus film Wake Up, Ron Burgundy, the idea here is similar: to collect all the stuff that was too weird, polarizing, bawdy, or lengthy, and pack it into an extended cut to run two hours. And, as you'll see in the below trailer, because it's now rated R, Ron is free to smoke crack and Brick can, at last, "take out [his] real one."

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