Ben McKenzie Gotham City's New James Gordon

February 10, 2014


Ben McKenzie, the Gary Oldman of The OC, has been hired on to the lead role of Det. James Gordon on Fox's Gotham. The series is being set up as sort of a prequel procedural for the Batman universe, featuring some of the superhero's famous villains but no actual Batmanning. Instead, this will focus on a pre-Batman Bruce Wayne and Gordon in his pre-commissioning days, back when he was a young homicide detective described as a brave, energetic, honest, idealistic and still naïve alpha male. McKenzie has already played a young cop on Southland and a young Batman in the Batman: Year One animated film, so this fits right in his wheelhouse. At last, the full genesis of Batman will be told entirely in the voice of The OC's Ryan Atwood.

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