'CSI' Spin-Off To Investigate Ultimate Crime Scene: THE INTERNET

February 19, 2014


CBS has announced plans give CSI's hazy understanding of technology its very own series dedicated to cyber crimes and the ways they can be solved with rapid keyboard clatter. The project will reportedly "focus on crimes that start in the mind, live online and play out in the real world." So like normal CSI, except now with even more scenes where people stare at screens and regard modern computers as fantastical science fiction. The show is built around the work of Mary Aiken, a self-described "CyberPsychologist", who here will be represented as Avery Ryan, "Special Agent in Charge at the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI in Quantico." CBS has not yet settled on a title. CSi: CYBERSPACE? CSI: Fearmongering with Our Aged Network Demographic? Computer Scary Internets!?

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