Disney Made Their Own Digital Clamshell for Accessing Your Disney Stuff

February 25, 2014


After years being the lone major studio holdout on UltraViolet technology, Disney is at last providing an answer to those of us wondering how then we should watch 2006's The Shaggy Dog on our iPads. The answer? Disney Movies Anywhere, the studio's just-released, bluntly-titled cloud system for accessing your Disney movies wherever you have iTunes or an iOS device.

Described as a "digital movie locker"--as The Disney Vault has shown us, these guys love metaphorical storage units--it's a service for both buying films digitally or streaming those films that your child has already made you buy at a checkout lane. Basically, it's what already existed for every other studio, only this one is branded with Disney and has more Thor titles. But it is worth noting that, since they're trying to get people using this thing, they have a pretty good offer right now. If you go here and connect Disney Movies Anywhere to your iTunes, you get The Incredibles for free. The only caveat: once connected, Johnny Depp gets to mess with your playlists and add more eccentric performances wherever he feels they're needed.

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