'Fantastic Four' Casting: Actors Tested, Lady-Doom Being Considered

February 5, 2014


Given the impossible task of finding the next generation of Ioan Gruffudds and Jessica Albas, 20th Century Fox has reportedly begun testing actors for their Fantastic Four reboot.

As has already been established, THR has confirmed that, mostly, the studio still believes the key to the franchise is remaking That Awkward Moment sans Zac Efron. Michael B. Jordan remains attached to the role of the Human Torch, and Miles Teller is still the only name being mentioned for Mr. Fantastic.

As for the orange, rocky man known as The Thing, Fox is apparently considering a departure from the Michael Chiklis type. English actor Christian Cooke, one of the stars of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's Cemetery Junction, is said to have tested for the role of Ben Grimm. House of Cards's Kate Mara and Dragonball: Evolution star Emmy Rossum, meanwhile, are the frontrunners for Invisible Woman Sue Storm.

It's also being reported that Dr. Doom will be the main villain, and that, perhaps in the hope of finding someone who truly understands the particulars of their body, the studio is considering switching to a female Doctor. No specific actresses are yet being named, but apparently they want a "big name" for their antagonist and "isn't ruling out switching genders for the role." Fox truly is the colorblind pansexual of superhero rebooters.

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