Finally, We'll Get 'Home Alone' with a Toy Store, But It Won't Just Be 'Home Alone 2'

February 25, 2014


Did you watch Home Alone 2 and think, "Hey, why isn't the toy store more heavily featured?" Did you then think, "Hey, you know what would also be good? If the dad was there. So instead of just a kid taking care of burglars alone, John Heard would have a broader heroic arc"? If so, you are going to really enjoy this movie Gangster Squad's Ruben Fleischer is making! Set up at Disney, it's called Overnight, and it's reportedly being compared to Home Alone. The differences: now it takes place in an FAO Schwarz-esque toy store where a father and son have won an overnight stay. When thieves break in, the duo apparently decide not to bother the authorities about it, instead taking care of the problem themselves with the some Straw Dogs-style hijinks.

Considering the demand Home Alone 2 created for Talkboys, just imagine the huge marketing options possible when the backdrop is an entire toy store. Plus, with this added dad component, well, there's no telling what this could mean for sales with the right Dockers tie-in.

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