'Full House Without Michelle' Imagines a World Where No One Got It, Dude

February 20, 2014


The experiment of "Garfield Minus Garfield" found that, just by removing the cute little catchphrase-spouting character, a slight comedy can turn into a profound, lonely, possibly dementia-addled existential crisis. "Full House Without Michelle" doesn't yield such powerful, plausible results, but it's a strange and worthwhile effort nonetheless. Bob Saget is clearly the Jon Arbuckle here, but you'll have to decide for yourself whether Stephanie's recognition of an absent Michelle implicates herself in psychoses, or whether she's just humoring her broken father so he doesn't fly into a jovial rage. Danny may be in big trouble, mister.

Don't worry, everyone; even if Michelle was just a horribly precocious delusion, the Beach Boys were still somehow very real.


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