Gotham City Has a New, Better-Proportioned Penguin (Also: Alfred and Others)

February 11, 2014


Robin Lord Taylor, seen here being interrogated by Bat-Munch in a very special Law & Order: SVU, is joining Ben McKenzie on Fox's Gotham. He'll play Oswald Cobblepot, who later becomes The Penguin, in this televised origin tale of the Batman universe. At the series start, Cobblepot will be reportedly begin as merely a low-level though brilliant and sadistic thug for gangster Fish Mooney. But later, he'll sinisterly mutter, "Too bad for Mooney... penguins eat fish," assuming Fox has hired really good writers for this thing.

pertwee.jpgSean Pertwee, Erin Richards, and Zabryna Guevara have also signed on to the series as regulars. Pertwee, seen recently on Elementary, will play the still-uncast Bruce Wayne's loyal butler, Alfred. Richards will play Barbara Kean, the talented doctor engaged to McKenzie's Gordon; Guevara is cast as Captain Essen, Gordon's boss and someone who, as Batman: Year One tells it, had an affair with him. Good news if you like your Batman stories with a lot of sexual tension and absolutely no Batman.

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