Greta Gerwig To Star in CBS's 'How I Met Your Mother' Spin-Off

February 12, 2014


With more and more movie stars returning to television, Greta Gerwig has signed on to lead CBS's How I Met Your Mother spin-off, because this is a golden age of serialized programming, and that will pay a lot. Noah Baumbach will be getting the nicest cardigans this Christmas.

As previously described, How I Met Your Dad will simply gender-swap HIMYM's high-concept premise, casting the Frances Ha star as our young, longwinded Bob Saget. Gerwig will play Sally, and as is pretty much a given for Gerwig characters, she's described as "a female Peter Pan who never has grown up and has no idea where she's going in life." She's also a newlywed already nearing divorce, reliant on her cast of funny family and friends to guide her through her impending breakup and the next seven or so seasons of rebound. The pilot will shoot in Los Angeles but, in the likelihood it's picked up, it will shift to New York for series. It just wouldn't be a Gerwig unless there existed the chance to spontaneously, whimsically dance through the streets of Manhattan.

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