Here's Your New Fantastic Four (Probably)

February 20, 2014


After months of testing and casting rumors, Fox has finally found a quartet of actors they're willing to acknowledge as being above average, TheWrap reporting that Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan are in deep talks for the leads in Fantastic Four.

As has been heavily suggested since the film first started coming together under director Josh Trank, That Awkward Moment stars Teller and Jordan are reuniting to respectively play Reed Richards and Johnny Storm. Richards--better known as Mr. Fantastic, the genius leader and namesake of the team--possesses the ability to bend and stretch his body. As demonstrated in the 2005 Fantastic Four, that means he can reach for a new roll of toilet paper rooms away. Storm is the Human Torch, able to burst into flames without so much as an underlying political message.

Mara is playing Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman, the role previously played with apt lack of presence by Jessica Alba. And, finally, in the role of Ben Grimm, the big orange Thing, we've got Jamie Bell, the Michael Chiklis of boyhood ballet.

Still, apparently none of this is locked yet, and Teller in particular may be an issue: he's already contractually obligated to keep making Divergent sequels, and the shooting of the next of those may overlap with Fantastic Four, which is already scheduled for a summer 2015 release. As it's said that "chemistry between the four actors is vital to the casting process," if he's forced to drop, it could mean other changes as well. Hopefully that will be sorted out soon, though, because Christ, even Corman's piece of shit Fantastic Four got past finding four humans to put on blue onesies.

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