Johnny Depp Evolves into the Most Persistent Malware in New 'Transcendence' Trailer

February 12, 2014


In Transcendence, Johnny Depp plays leader to a team of researchers on the verge of a massive technological breakthrough: a computer infrastructure with an analytical intelligence greater than the collective sum of every brain that's ever existed. It would enable new methods for the early detection of cancer. We could conquer our most intractable challenges. Windows would boot up just, like, boom, here's Excel.

But just as there still friends who insist their flip phone is fine, there are radical luddite challengers who oppose Depp's plans, and they attempt to assassinate him, leaving him critically injured. It would seem to be the end for Dr. Johnny Depp, except his fellow researcher and lover Rebecca Hall has a wild plan for continuing his existence: "How about we install the Johnny Depp toolbar?"

"That's too dangerous," cautions Paul Bettany. "We don't know what else comes with that toolbar, and it's going to clutter things. Can't you just bookmark Johnny Depp and visit him often?"

"I would really prefer him to be conveniently located on my desktop," Hall presses, and Bettany relents. Alas, naturally, he was right.

Depp starts eating up like all the processing resources. Depp pop-ups begin appearing with offers for finding love and free minds. Depp's warnings to fix their PC ends up being a mistake to click: that installs something that replaces their cursor with Johnny Depp's hand. Plus, now they can't get on the internet, so Mom can't even check her email. It was clearly a mistake to install Depp. But... how do you uninstall a soul? Get ready for the Norton support team's toughest challenge yet in Transcendence. Here's the new trailer:

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