Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes Now Taking on 'The Birds'

February 28, 2014


Just as he's doing with turtles, Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes production company will bring CGI to yet another marginal house pet with a remake of The Birds. Plans to re-do the Hitchcock classic have been needlessly talked about since at least 2007, when Casino Royale and later Green Lantern director Martin Campbell was attached; for about as long, Naomi Watts has been set to play the most on-the-nose replacement for Tippi Hedren. It's not yet clear if she'll still star in the newly-developing attempt, but what we do know is that Diederik Van Rooijen is going to direct this thing. If you're into Dutch entertainment, you may know his work on Taped or Penoza--the latter of which was remade for ABC as Red Window, and the former of which is being redone in English for Sony. So after this, hopefully we'll be done remaking everything. Then we can all go out for pizza and beers.

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