'Monster Trucks' Has Its Non-Truck Stars, Continues To Be Real

February 19, 2014


Paramount is, for whatever reason, aimed at being turning their Monster Trucks into a "Transformers-like franchise." So, it would seem X-Men: First Class's Lucas Till and Suburgatory star Jane Levy will be their Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox, bringing some grounded humanity to film's far-out ideas of trucks with very large tires.

According to The Wrap, while offers have not yet been sent out (the film is not officially greenlighted yet, confusingly, is already scheduled for release), the two are being eyed as leads for this daring experiment in truck-based entertainment. Till would reportedly play "a bad boy with a good heart," perfect to go up against Bigfoot, climbing and CRUSHING a mountain of cars in the wildest show on wheels. Levy would play a character described as "what one might imagine Tina Fey was like in high school," the ideal match-up for Grave Digger, the 17-year-old Amy Poehler of CRUNCH.

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