Presidents'/Valentine's Day Weekend Thoroughly a Lego Weekend

February 17, 2014


Date movies About Last Night, Endless Love, and especially Winter's Tale just couldn't compete against the raw, primitive sexuality of interlocking pieces. Lego Movie dipped less than 30% in its second weekend out, keeping it above a pack of newcomers that included the RoboCop remake, which opened Wednesday but still fell behind fellow 80s remake About Last Night even with its mid-week take. Time will tell if RoboCop can rebound today as the nation celebrates its early leaders with the traditional cyborg officer parable.

1. The Lego Movie - $48.8 million

2. About Last Night - $27 million

3. RoboCop - $21.5 million

4. The Monuments Men - $15 million

5. Endless Love - $13.4 million

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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