Richard Ayoade Drops a Couple Eisenbergs in a Bureaucratic Maze in Full 'The Double' Trailer

February 18, 2014


While Superman will come face-to-face against the successful, prickish version of Jesse Eisenberg soon enough, in the meantime, Eisenberg himself must stare into his own smug asshole in the ouroboros that is The Double.

Directed by always-enjoyable British actor-comedian Richard Ayoade, the film is based on the Dostoyevsky novella of the same name, and it stars Eisenberg as a worker in a Gilliam-esque cubicle dystopia. It also stars Eisenberg as the office's new jerk who everyone loves and no one will acknowledge is clearly also an Eisenberg. It's like when Tyler Perry plays a lawyer defending Madea and also plays Madea, and the judge issues a jail sentence without even mentioning that, except not as hilarious. But if we're getting real here, it's probably actually more like the yellow-tinged, dual-Gyllenhaal'ed world of The Enemy but played as a charmingly-dark satire. Either way, it looks like the IT Crowd star has really upped his game since the already-solid Submarine. Mia Wasikowska, Wallace Shawn, and Ayoade's old chums Chris O'Dowd and Chris Morris co-star with the bonus Eisenberg two-pack. Here's the just-released full trailer.

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