See the Warner Bros. Logo Evolve, Adapt ...AND LEARN?

February 28, 2014


From the iconic shield, to Saul Bass's stylized "w", to the original image of the four Warner siblings nude and presenting themselves fully erect to the camera, the Warner Bros. logo sure has changed a lot over the years, huh? And if you care about that sort of thing, you should have a look at the collection of these logos Christian Annyas has put together. Spanning the studio's 90-year history and representing five years of accumulation time, the photo set takes you through Warner's 13 main logos and over 200 variations specific to particular eras or films. I've gone over them three times and still can't find the one where Bugs Bunny is in a tuxedo. Either the collection just too expansive or there is some seriously gross neglect going on here.


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