Stevie Nicks Would Love To Write 'Game of Thrones' Music, Just as She Loved Writing Poems About Every Character

February 18, 2014


Having appeared on Glee and, more recently, American Horror Story, Stevie Nicks now has her sights set on Game of Thrones, the only show with enough cast shakeups and incestuous sexual drama to keep her interested after Fleetwood Mac.

Speaking to RadioTimes (via), Nicks revealed that, after binge-watching the show helped her get through a pneumonia and her mother's death, she would now like to give back to it her experience writing music for long blonde hair and cloaks. Also, she's already written poems about every character, so that's a head start.

"I would love to write some music for the show," she explained. "I've written a bunch of poetry about it -- one for each of the characters. On Jon Snow... on Arya... on Cersei... on Cersei and Jaime, the blonde on blonde... on Khaleesi... I'm always looking for that kind of inspiration, and I'm very inspired by it -- as I was very inspired by Twilight."

Sadly, she gives that last bit too late for her to to give Jacob an updated "Gold Dust Wolfman," but perhaps there's still time for Game of Thrones. Only seems right to let her do a track after the disappointment of going with a Lindsey Buckingham for the opening theme.

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