Warner Bros. Putting Together 'Minecraft' Movie

February 28, 2014


Following in the categorical success of their Lego Movie, Warner Bros. has decided to just stick with inherently-plotless, block-based entertainment for a Minecraft. Deadline reports that the studio has acquired the rights to the hugely-successful video game, in which players collect cubic resources and build up their own, intricate world that no one else cares about. But it still feels good to have sort of made something, doesn't it?

Weirdly, while the game is known for its charmingly simplistic graphics, the film won't be taking advantage of the well-known, built-in aesthetic: according to the report, the studio is for some reason making this a live-action version. This will apparently be the ponderous man-against-nature take on Minecraft, two-and-a-half hours of watching a man clobber enough rocks and trees that he may construct some kind of primitive shelter protecting himself from the elements. Such as the element of skeletons. And the element of green thing that explodes if it gets too close to you.

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