'13 Sins' Trailer: Oh, the Awful Things We'll Do To Get a Text Message Saying We Won Something

March 5, 2014


What would you do for the chance at a text message claiming you've received some money? According to 13 Sins, pretty much anything and everything, and Ron Perlman is not happy about the results of this sociological experiment.

The film is a remake of Thailand's 13: Game of Death and stars Scott Pilgrim's Mark Webber as an engaged man with $90k in debt that he needs to pay off. Lucky for him, he gets a call saying he's part of a hidden-camera game show that will pay him escalating amounts of money to complete increasingly crazy tasks. It starts with just killing a fly, but eventually it's like, "Did you see The Counselor? No? You really should! I think it was given kind of a bum rap by the critics. But anyway, there's this really cool part where a wire is strung across a road to take a motorcyclist's head off, and now you have to do that." Det. Ron Perlman pursues. Howie Mandel wonders why he wasn't asked to host this show.

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