Dan Harmon and Mitch Hurwitz Planning Project Together, Not Just Saying That When They're Drunk

March 10, 2014


Good news for fans of constantly-imperiled cult meta-sitcoms: Dan Harmon and Mitch Hurwitz are apparently planning some kind of project together. With the Arrested Development creator recently appearing on Harmon's reclaimed Community, Rolling Stone (via) asked Harmon if the two planned anything else together. His response:

I've begged him to come to the writers' room on Community, but he has wisely declined. I don't think he'd be able to stand being on someone else's thing. He and I have talked about doing a project together, so that every time I see him, I'm like, "We weren't just drunk, we're really gonna do that?" And he's like, "Yeah."

Hoping not to "somehow ruin it" by putting it on the internet, Harmon declined giving too many details, but he was willing to say, "it would embrace the emerging mediascape, and use us both in a way that we weren't compromising each other, but are still collaborating, and giving the audience a lot to digest." So, their new project is an awful press release from the Time-Warner/Comcast merger?

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