David Simon and Oprah Making MLK Miniseries for HBO

March 5, 2014


The Wire and Treme creator David Simon is attached to give HBO the Martin Luther King, Jr. miniseries that we'll all be insisting our friends need to watch. Deadline claims Simon will write at least the first episode as well as the series bible for the rest of it. Oprah is producing, having brought the book trilogy America: In The King Years to HBO back in 2010. The series will reportedly be "covering King and his relationships with Lyndon Johnson, John F and Robert Kennedy, as well as the freedom rides, the Birmingham and Selma campaigns, and the poor people's march on Washington that he was organizing when he was killed in Memphis." Finally, we can observe MLK Day the way the civil rights great would have wished: with the unsegregated binge-watching of every episode of this thing.

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