Fox Convinced Some Women This Was Prince Harry, Had Them Try To Marry Him, and Now That Will Be a Show

March 26, 2014


Because American Idol and Gordon Ramsay's shouting still can't be stretched across an entire week, Fox has reportedly decided to invest in bait-and-switch Bachelor programming with I Wanna Marry "Harry".

As subtlety indicated by the quotes around "Harry," Harry, in this case, is not actually named Harry. He's Matthew Hicks, a guy who's been given a dye job to look enough like Prince Harry, so as to fool the type of person who signs up for a dating reality show. Twelve single Americans will be competitively dating him in the hopeless hope of becoming a princess, even though that won't happen, because Matthew Hicks is just some guy. As we did a decade ago with Joe Millionaire, then we will find out about real true love. Then we will know who's there for the right reasons, and who's there just for a vaguely convincing Prince Harry impersonator. The series is expected to debut in summer, right about when people will probably end up watching this kind of thing.

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