Gaze into the Wachowskis' Convoluted World of Space, Guns, and Bees with New 'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer

March 27, 2014


In Jupiter Ascending, Mila Kunis is a janitor who, beyond being an unusually attractive toilet scrubber, also happens to be Queen of the Universe. She is the heir to the Earth and beyond. She has the perfect genetic makeup. Bees love her!

It sounds great, except that Eddie Redmayne is currently sitting on the universal throne as a dickish Joffrey type, and he wants Mila Kunis killed before she can ASCEND to her rightful position. Defending her are Channing Tatum--made up to look like some kind of elven frat boy--and the presumably expendable Sean Bean. As is customary for a Wachowski production, battles will be fought with cool guns and acrobatic kicking and sci-fi themes will be debatably meaningful. Also: space gargoyles!(?)

Here's the new trailer:

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